★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“More like this please”

Oh my word! Where has Mr Brackley been hiding? This book is absolutely brilliant. Admittedly I bought this book based on the stunning cover, but I certainly wasn't disappointed when I got to the inside. It had me riveted from the first page, and I actually finished it over two nights. It is clear that the author knows his movies, and the way that he delivered the story made me feel as though I was there on his epic adventure. More like this please William!!!!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

“I hope there is a sequel”

Jenna Marks' intelligence and well-articulated combat skills enabled her to survive one of the most dangerous missions in her career. The AES proved to be truly smart. I had chills every time Marks and her team across them. I loved how Marks composed herself after what could have made her give up on her life - - - - when she killed Fredrickson thinking that she was tackling one of the AES. However, it was hard watching her lose her companions one by one. Beckerman's entry into the story was quite unexpected. How could he have sought safety when he left more than 650 (or was it 1500) men and women to fall into the hands of the ruthless AES. His attempt to terminate Marks made him lose his own life. Thankfully, before he pointed out the two people who had helped him corrupt the system i.e. Langley and Woods. Just like Beckerman, Langley seemed to know his way through the woods and into the facility. This explains why he was able to find his way back to the facility where he met with Marks after he had made an attempt to run away from her (while they were in the forest). Well, she took the chance that she should have taken before and killed him before Langley drove a bullet into her brain.

The document that Marks' team found in the facility helped her to piece everything together. The audio recordings, the letters, and the documents that she found at Beckerman's little hideout made her to further understand the relationship between Russell Pierce and top government officials. On another note, her personal life was not easy. She had to deal with an aggressive drunkard for a father. She later had to go through a divorce when her husband had cheated on her. Gladly, she had the support of her mother from her tender age. Elliot, Oscar and later Whitmore gave her the support she needed to succeed in her career.

I wonder how Marks felt when Matthews confessed that his combat skills were not good, in a situation where she would have needed his help to take out the militia. Thankfully, they withdrew before they got into trouble, even though she didn't ID the body she belivied to have been Lerma's. It must have been a hard pill to swallow for Jenna when Cpl.Williams's confessed to having played a part in interfering with the radio comms during that mission in an attempt to take her out. The guilt must have made him (Williams) to commit suicide. On another note, I would have loved to know the identity of the man who had approached her at Maine's bar wanting to know more about what she knew about Pierce. I am glad she made it through it all and was rescued from the complex facility after causing its downfall. I hope there is a sequel.