The U.S. Navy SEAL

by William H. Brackley

2072. A US Government facility is on the verge of collapse, but once the Government send a team of Navy SEALs to investigate, they discover far more than they had bargained for. It immediately becomes clear that something much larger is lingering deep in the shadows of the cavernous ocean facility – an enemy much quicker and smarter than any soldier in US history. The elite team of SEALs rapidly find themselves in a dangerous race against time to evacuate the facility before it sinks deep into the treacherous oceans below.

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The Drug Bureau of Criminal Affairs: The Calhoun Sisters

by William H. Brackley

Two sister DEA agents are asked to enter the backdoor to Bogota, Colombia to extradite the most notorious drug kingpin, Rio Valverde Castro back to the US. However, complications soon hit as the FARC militia soon close in on them as both sisters endure the 7 days of hell before retirement.

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The US Navy SEAL: On The Frontline

by William H. Brackley

Book two in The U.S. Navy SEAL series

Marks soon finds herself back on US shores towards trying to having a quiet life but as she does so, Pierce is soon on her tail as Marks, Elliot and Oscar quickly begin to piece the puzzle together towards finding something so large, that all of Washington D.C. comes to a standstill as Marks finds herself in one of the greatest cat and mouse games while trying to finding out the truth and evading her captures.

Coming Summer 2021

The Game Changer

by William H. Brackley

The year is September 1986. The world for Logan Porter is somewhat different, he has everything in his path, his aims and goals along with some people he gets to hang out with but growing up, Logan finds something he has failed to understand himself. His path is hidden with obstacles that are so treacherous, he soon finds himself deep in the midst of great uncertainty of growing out of it as he begins to figure out his own true self as new friendships are forged, new paths are formed but most of all Logan finds himself surrounded along with individuals who will go all the way with him in a path that he soon finds that is not all doom and gloom.

Coming Summer 2022